I had the pleasure of undertaking comprehensive interpretation for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates is a global figure who has changed the world once and is busy doing it a second time together with his wife Melinda. Together, they are making a huge difference through their foundation. In the words of their 2011 annual report, ‘we’re now balancing more than two dozen initiatives in health, development, and U.S. education. The growth is important; it lets us accomplish more together with our partners.’

Nguruman was the location that was hosting a delegation from this foundation and I was right there with them, interpreting for them. Nguruman is a rustic Maasai town that is surrounded by a vast land that is dotted with traditional Maasai houses. Like Rome and Kigali, it is surrounded by hills. But unlike these two cities, it oozes freshness and chirping birds.

After Nguruman, we travelled to the coastal part of Kenya, where my interpretation work continued, amongst the coastal people. Swahili was born at the coast of Kenya, so am always thrilled to visit there. It gave me great joy to dramatically inform the foundation team during a lunch hour break that they were in the region that had given the world the amazing gift of Swahili.

We had a great five days together and I thoroughly enjoyed the interpretation work.

I am a professionally trained Swahili teacher and have a two-decade experience in teaching this great language through different media.

Video Lessons

I teach via video lessons that are compiled into secure sections of the website that are accessible to members only. These video lessons are also compiled in flash disks that can be mailed or sent by courier to students.

Online Lessons

My Swahili lessons are also undertaken online via skype. This eliminates distance and lessons are conducted from teh comfort of your home. Such lessons are also highly personalised.

Physical Lessons

Physical lessons are conducted at mutually agreed venues that could be your home, hotels or in our mobile study centers.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These two gentlemen have always been role models of mine. Like billions of other human beings, I had always used google but had no idea that the two geniuses behind it were just some young folks who had been born less than ten years before my own birth. Can you believe that they founded this amazing company in 1998 when they were still in their twenties! Wow! Power to the young people indeed.

It was with a humble, proud and very grateful heart that I said got a great deal to translate more than two hundred thousand words for google. Yap. You got that right – an assignment of translating more than two hundred thousand words for google. How cool is that! A big translation job for one of the coolest companies on earth! 

I felt proud of myself that I am part of the Google revolution of injecting Swahili into the Google tools and platforms. Quite challenging as they would send tasks daily to be done and delivered for them to update their online tools and programs.

Transcription entails listening to audio or watching video and meticulously writing down what you are hearing and seeing.

Mpasua Msonobari provides Swahili transcription for various industry needs ranging from court proccedings, legal interviews,government agencies,UN agencies and I also produce Swahili video transcripts for film and television companies, personel departments, pharmaceutical companies,banks, market research companies, telecommunication company recordings and a host of other market segments in need of transcription services.

In summary, I transcribe Swahili for any sector that requires Swahili audio transcription, subtitling and captioning services.
I can produce verbatim transcripts where every word is recorded, or, if more appropriate to your needs, I can produce a summary transcript which excludes any unnecessary information. If working from video or movie files, we can transcribe time codes if required

When Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975, they could not have known that they had just taken the first step in a historic computing journey that would change the world. At the time, Bill Gates had dropped out of Harvard University and was just a wide-eyed twenty year old young man with a deep passion for computing. Eighteen years later in 1993, when Gates was only thirty eight years old, he became the richest man in the world after guiding Microsoft to the very top of the computer age.

In this year when Bill Gates rose to the top of the world, I was also a wide-eyed twelve year old in the seventh year of my primary school. Seventeen years later in 2010, I following in the historic footsteps of Bill Gates when I translated the Microsoft Windows 7 from English to Swahili. It was a dream come true for me when I was given this enormous task of translating for such an amazing company. The dream soon turned to sleepless nights when my team and I burned the midnight oil for months, translating more than one million words! 

When I finally completed this extraordinary translation work, I was left with one hundred reasons to smile ecstatically!

In this digital age, the world is increasingly becoming a global village. .

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