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Mpasua Msonobari is  the leading translation agenc...



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My first phone was a Nokia. Nokia 3310 to be precise. By the time...


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I am a professionally trained Swahili teacher and have a two-deca...



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Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These two gentlemen have always been ...


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Mpasua Msonobari


I will help you to converse with Africa through translation and interpretation.



Professionalism and Speed

Working with Mr. Msonobari is infectious and you just want to offer him African Languages jobs even if you do not have them so that you can yet again experience his professionalism, friendliness, quick turnaround time, responsiveness and above all accuracy in his translations and swahili voice over talent.

We found him as  a reliable  Professional Swahili translation Services privider in Tanzania, Kenya Africa and a trusted Swahili translator in Tanzania,Kenya Africa.He obviously has  Swahili voice over talent in Africa.

When we had a project on Swahili voice over talent search in Africa he emerged as the best Swahili voice over talent in Tanzania,Kenya Africa.During our annual conference we used him and realise that  he has the best reliable Swahili interpreter Services in the world more so in Kenya,Tanzania Africa. His Swahili voice over talent is one of the best in Tanzania Kenya Africa.

Whe we got a UN fundend project for transcription in   Swahili transcription Services we  engaged www.mpasuamsonobari.com  and looking  at the success of the project we concluded that Mpasua Msonobari is one of the most reliable  Swahili transcription Services provider in Tanzania, Kenya Africa. Thank you to Mpasua Msonobari and his team.



Maja Milanovic, Global LSP

Maja Milanovic - Global LSP


Quality and Speed

Mpasua is very professional and reliable.He has done quality work for us several times in the past. He always do prompt communication! We really enjoyed working with him! Surely we will work with him in the future.

We discovered that Mpasua Msonobari is talented in swahili voice overs in Tanzania,Kenya Africa. We recognise www.mpasuaMsonobari.com as  aSwahili translator in Tanzania,Kenya Africa and indeed  who has Swahili voice over talent that he uses in Professional Swahili translation Services,  Swahili interpreter Services and Swahili transcription Service provision.

V Chaturvedi. - Y Translation


I have a simple mission - to encourage and enhance global discourse by enabling a conversation with Africa through translation and interpretation of African languages.

My Track Record

My track record spans two decades of translation, interpretation and teaching of Kiswahili plus other major African languages together with a team of in-house translators.


I am the CEO and Founder of Languages Africa which has in-house native translators.

With over a decade of translation and tutoring experience, I am passionate about promoting the use of the African languages top on the list being Swahili. Email me at msonobari@languagesafrica.com.

We Think Global, Translate Local

I understand local linguistic nuances.

In all my works, I have vowed to always provide the better of the best and I am well known for the slogan, you have me, you have it. I am always passionate and diligent with whatever I do!


If you have meetings with people who speak different languages, then you will al...


Mpasua Msonobari is  the leading translation agency in Kenya...

Msonobari's Profile

I am a Swahili native speaker and professional and do represent also Other Afric...


I am a native Kiswahili speaker and a professional Kiswahili translator plus interpreter

A new language gives you a new soul. By translating major African Languages, my team and I ensure that the African soul is part and parcel of your venture. Communication is best when it is clothed in local languages.

Language Services

Committed to help you interact with Africa through African languages.

Wajua Kiswahili?

Do you know Kiswahili? I do and will help you to talk to East Africa through it.

Contact Me

Mpasua Msonobari

P.O Box 19898, 00202
Nairobi, , 00202

  +254725084032 Skype ID: Msonobari


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