Benny Hinn Blunders at a Kenya Crusade



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Benny Hinn Blunders at a Kenya Crusade

Well, Benny Hinn was in Kenya and actually as a record this video is still in Kenya.

I attended the crusade dubbed, Healing the Nation at the Nyayo national stadium. Never mind that my attendance was not physical attendance, but I followed it on the Home Boys YouTube at the comfort of my residence in Nairobi as my Little pretty playful daughter Tamara kept on crossing over the television set.

d85ecbda 8018 4859 905e 824ee93e5a27I’m sure the title of this video could be the thing that made you to want to watch it, or to have an interest to watch it. Yes, Benny Hinn blunders at a crusade in Nairobi, Kenya! I will be fast to say that I respect Christians and I’m not here to judge a man of God who I respect and Benny Hinn if you’re watching this, let me tell you that 23 years ago in 2001 when you came to Kenya I was there. I remember the crusade was held at the Nairobi University Grounds and you were wearing a White suit with your trademark white hair to match. I was there, even as your powerful touch command sent many kissing the ground. I almost fell but cheekily refused. And so, I’m not here to judge your spirituality or to judge your Christianity or to judge your marital woes.

I am here as a professional Swahili Interpreter and translator for now 25 years to comment and give my observations on a linguistic statement that you made while at, what the Swahili people call madhabahu, the pulpit, during your first day in Kenya on Saturday the 24th, 2024. The statement was when you asked the Christians that had a filled the Nyayo National stadium, approximately over 40,000 people, if they understood English and of course most of the hands shot shut up, and then you went ahead to ask them if any of them did not understand English and of course some hands shot up, then you asked them how they heard your statement, if they didn’t understand English. And so you went ahead and spoke English as the now tensed Swahili Interpreter watched helplessly not knowing if to interpret that or not. And that’s one of my main highlights in this video. You went ahead to address the Swahili Interpreter, who was had taken the trouble of wearing an almost matching outfit like yours, and who by all standards did a good job even though in one of my other videos, I’ll be highlighting the areas that he did well and also highlighting the areas that he could have done better because in Swahili, we say hamna ziada mbovu meaning any adsitional observation is a good correction.
We also say hakuna kiumbe kitimilifu meaning, there is no one who is perfect.

So Pastor Benny told the Swahili Interpreter, the following….. Yes, that is what he told him, that it seems you may not need him but that you will still keep him around. Now Pastor Benny, what you need to realize is the audience in the stadium was only a small fraction of the audience that was following you online on social media on YouTube channel on Facebook live on TikTok and many others. You need to understand that the audience in the stadium is not the only one that was following you, so it was an error if not a blunder for you to assume that because most of the people in the stadium at the Nyayo national stadium in Nairobi Kenya, raised their hands, to confirm that they understand English then, you could go ahead and just preach and speak English in the instances that you did without the Swahili Interpreter.

Pastor Benny you come from the United States of America, and one of the things that the United States of America emphasizes not only in religious contexts but even to the immigrants and refugees that reside there, is each one of them has a right to be served in his native language. That these individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP)should be provided with meaningful access to crucial services.

And so what I still believe Pastor Benny, is that among millions and millions of followers that follow you, that appreciate your preaching of the word of God, is that these people also have a right to listen to you in their native language in their own language. And so in this case, Swahili, whether they are in the Nyayo national stadium, or they are following you online from Mbeya in Tanzania or Kilifi in coastal Kenya - with the help of Swahili interpreter.

You’ll be shocked Pastor Benny to realize that I may be learned and with full understanding of the English language to the letter, that I may speak the Queen’s English language, but still prefer to hear and follow you preaching in the Swahili language because that’s my preference.

Nelson Mandela crowned it all when he said “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

I believe he was emphasizing on the importance of language in communication including religious ones and building connections with others. Mandela believed that speaking to someone in their native language shows respect and understanding, fostering a deeper connection and mutual understanding. Exactly what a man of God would want for the Christian he is preaching to.

And so Pastor Benny my advice to you and your management and the entire Benny Hinn Ministries is that every country that you go to, whenever you are able to, even while in the United States of America at your church, The World Healing Center Church located in Grapevine, Texas, do not shy away, do not discourage, or state that you will not be needing the Interpreter of the day whether Swahili or Somali, Arabic or Spanish or German simply because the people in the audience where you are have shot their hands up and confirmed to you that they speak and understand English. You ahve a wider audiebce than what you are seeing.

But otherwise Pastor Benny Hinn, I salute you for the powerful word of God that you’ve always exhibited and thank you for considering Kenya to be one of the few countries in Africa, If not, the only that you shall visit in the year 2024. As you enter into day two of the crusade, and even as you go back home, we wish you safe journey mercies and I believe that, the name of the Lord shall continue to be praised over and over through your powerful ministry, as you aim to reach the lost, the broken, and the hurting with the love and power of God, bringing hope and transformation to individuals and communities through the preaching of the Word, prayer, and acts of compassion.

And for the other pastors and ministers and apostles and prophets that are following this video. It is a reminder, and a kind reminder for that matter to you, that whenever you are on the pulpit the Interpreter will always add immense value to your sermon and to some people out there, that may not be in the auditorium, that may not be in your church building or the national stadium you are preaching from.

As a qualified and professional seasoned Swahili Interpreter, for now 25 years and as the CEO and founder for Languages Africa where we deal with Swahili and all the other African languages and the global languages in matters interpretation and translation, I beseech you, you pastor, you bishop, that is following - reading this to embrace the RSI program that we offer at Languages Africa. This Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Programme shall enable you Bishop JB Masinde as you go live preaching in English in your Deliverance Church Umoja Church, it shall empower you Pastor Jairus Lukoko as you preach in your Kenya assemblies of God church, to reach to the French speaking people allover the world as we simultaneously interpret your message remotely into French and the global online audience follow it through a French channel accessible to them from the live coverage description title.

This shall not necessarily be only for the people in your church Bishop JB and Pastor Jairus, but for the people that are following your sermon online all over the world.

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If you are interested with this RSI programme, and you want to know how this can happen and how you can use this as a powerful evangelistic tool, feel free to contact me on my WhatsApp +254 111 908 841. For example if your target audience is the Francophone, speaking countries, you don’t have to fly there to spread the word of God to them just consult with Languages Africa and as you preach in English on that Sunday First service, The second service and the third service our company Languages Africa, shall relay your sermon in French, in Swahili, in Somali, in Yoruba, in Spanish, in German simultaneously and remotely and the people following the broadcast live will be given an option to choose the French channel, the Somali channel, the Yoruba channel, the Spanish channel, the German channel etc and so as you preach in English they follow your preachings through all those channels as they watch you on the live video. This is just amazing and I look forward to helping you reach millions allover Africa and the world through the power of the RSI programme offered only at Languages Africa!

Friends that’s all I had for today. May the good Lord bless you immensely.


Mpasua Msonobari is a seasoned Swahili Interpreter and Translator for now 25 years. Through the company that he founded in 1999, Languages Africa, he has helped the world to converse with Africa. He can be reached directly on +1 (567) 654-3914 or on WhatsApp +254 111 908 841 or shoot him an email at