About Me

Translating Adventures with Nokia

My first phone was a Nokia. Nokia 3310 to be precise. By the time I was owning it, other smaller Nokias had already flooded the market, so it wasn’t particularly cool to be spotted with the big Nokia 3310. People even had a nickname for it – big daddy. But I didn’t give a hoot. I was just thrilled to finally be a part of the mobile telephony world. What a world! A world where you could just punch in some numbers and somebody somewhere will hear their phone ring and talk to you!
Just a few short years after I first called a Nokia phone my very own, I was privileged to call Nokia translation work my very own. For 20 days, I woke up with the roosters and slept with the giraffes (giraffes only sleep for about 30 minutes on any given day). After these 20 days, I had successfully translated 20,000 words from English to Swahili.
This particular translation helped me to refresh myself on the LQ checks and use of some review and check tools I had not used for some time.